Sunday, 21 August 2011

Block Posters

Crapp... my laptop broken,and it's been way too long since I've updated my blog... dah rasa cam x de mood nak buat apa pun... the lcd screen is broken so if need to repair it will cost 450 ringgit! kalau macam tu lebih baik beli laptop baru...huhuhu..

It's finally coming to festive season!yeah Hari Raya!! So kitorang satu office berpakat2 utk menceriakan satu office nih, decorate skit2, biasalah dah jd satu kewajipan kena letak sampul duit raya, pelita, lampu lip lap tu pun mesti ada, ketupat, dan yang plg best, I've made a big poster, first time I was like 'How??!' when my boss(my lady boss) ask me to create a big poster like people standing and greetings to the people coming into our office. So finally I've got an idea to used block posters. Block posters is actually, from small pictures we can create a huge poster and separated to each smaller part so we can printed it in A4 sizes like this...

daripada situ I've got an idea how to make bigger poster, so I can cut and combine it together and make it bigger..

upin and ipin posters, cute kan?hehe.. we want to make a much bigger tapi tak comel la kan kalau upin and ipin are bigger than those... and we are about to make other characters such as rajoo and mei mei also, well for independence day(1 Malaysia)..

These were examples of block posters and the web pages to make block posters..

Examples that I've collected through google.. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

ShowDown Champion 2011 - ELECOLDXHOT!!!!!

The final showdown for 2011 was held in I-City Shah Alam, on 6th July 2011. Yess... my favorite group win!!! yup, Elecoldxhot is da best. but sadly I'm not able to watch it yesterday coz'.... well I check the result at 8TV website. In this final round, 4 groups battles to win RM 50, 000.00. This is the list of winners....

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th place

HMC phlow is also my favorite, they make good progression through showdown. But of course I'm addicted to ECX coz' they make a perfect team...


This is one of my favorite dance of them

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Stress, streSS, STRESSSS!!!!!

I wonder, why on earth that the word stress exist!! Just said it or looking at that word make me stress argghhh!!.. (T_T) Soooo... this week is the streessss weeeekkkkk for me... lots, lots and lots of work  need to be done... my inbox tray is 4 times higher than my outbox tray... 

Actually doing my work doesn't make me really stress, what make me stress more is from the people who give me the work... (Why would I do other people work???? ohho.. coz' I'm hardworking and kind!? please lah.... you are not even my boss...,same thing happens to my friends and even worst... ) well, I don't really wanna think about it... i just wan't to escaped from it, this stress.. I've done various things when I'm under stress...some really work and some don't...

1. One thing that I really never do  is this:

What actually happened for me is when at work, I liked to play, When at home, I 'm also liked to play... play of course..hahahha...

2. A webpage that became my favorite page to, Worth visiting it....

2. where I can download korean variety show, really, those shows really can relieve my stress, me and my friends would downloaded these shows. It makes us laughing until tears came favorite shows, 2 days and 1 night.... even if I'm watching it alone I would LOL...haha

3. At the moment when I had a stress, I would stop my work and I would google up wallpapers, one of my hobbies.nature wallpapers is my favorite. Looking at nature really can relieve my stress...

Sometimes my friend would say that 'You have a lot of work, but why you seems so relax?'
I never had migraine and I don't like having it, so I better let myself cool down...
Yes, I have lots of work but to be truth, my work are not really that hard or difficult to handle that I need to be stressed up.... Just chill......

to be continued....

Thursday, 9 June 2011


I want a lomo camera!!!!!!
Really love the effect from lomo camera, so I'm searching the meaning of lomography and I found this...

is a commercial trademark of Lomographische AG, Austria for products and services related to photography. The 35 mm LOMO LC-A camera employed an unusual lens which produced large amounts of distortion at the edges of the image whilst keeping the centre sharp.

Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Accidents such as over-saturated colors, lens artifacts, and exposure defects are rehabilitated to produce swirly, abstract effects - a trait emphasized by practitioners. Others use the technique to document everyday life, because the small camera size and ability to shoot in low light encourages candid photography, photo reportage and photo vérité.

Current models marketed by Lomographische AG include Lomo LC-A, Holga, Holga 35mm, Actionsampler, Frogeye, Pop-9, Oktomat, Fisheye, Colorsplash, Colorsplash Flash, F-stop Bang, SuperSampler, Horizon 202, Seagull TLR and Smena 8M.

The following are the company's 10 Rules of Lomography:

1. Take your LOMO everywhere you go.
2. Use it anytime - day or night.
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it.
4. Shoot from the hip.
5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible.
6. Don't think.
7. Be fast.
8. You don't have to know beforehand what you've captured on film.
9. You don't have to know afterwards, either.
10.Don't worry about the rules

What the rules!! But I'm totally can follow these rules hahaha.....
Lomo efffect also can be make using photoshop...(
These are some lomo photo that I collected...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mari Bermain Bersama Photoshop

Minggu ni minggu yang paling stress, paling membosankan, paling banyak kerja, paling banyak gelak, paling banyak...errr.. macam2 lg la... so aku mengexpresskan aku nyer feeling tu dekat photoshop...
so ni lah kerja aku sepanjang minggu ni bila kepala aku rasa cam sewel sikit....

Tme aku tgh sedih..

Time aku tgh berangan...

Bila kepala aku kacau bilau..

Bila dengar lagu Celine Dion..

Bila aku start conteng....

Aku buat apa yang aku suka ikut hati aku...

Choi Jong Hun vs Kang Dong Won!

Mengeksploitasikan diriku sendiri..

Rasa cam balik ke zaman kanak2 bila wat corak tu...